I’ve Been Arrested in Florida: What Should I Do Now?

Maybe you were minding your own business. It could have been an accident. Regardless of why you were arrested in Florida, you need to understand that how you act moving forward can have an impact on your case. Things can go smoothly if you do things the right way.

Every citizen should know what to do and what not to do after being arrested because it CAN happen to anyone. The following contains some general advice about how to behave and steps to take after being arrested.

Things You Should Do after You’ve Been Arrested in Florida

First, know what you need to do in the minutes and hours that follow your arrest. Understanding how to interact with police what to be aware of will help ensure that your rights are not violated as well as keep you from getting into more trouble. Here are some essential things to do:

  • Aside from stating calmly that you are invoking your right to remain silent, do not communicate with police.
  • Always be polite to police and follow their instructions.
  • As soon as possible, ask for your attorney. Do not say anything until you’ve had a chance to discuss events with your attorney.
  • Ask that your attorney be present for any questioning, lineups, or medical tests, such as bloodwork.
  • Memorize the badge numbers of the officers you interacted with during the arrest.
  • If any deals are mentioned, let your attorney do the talking.
  • If you were injured at any point during your interaction with police, photograph the injuries as soon as possible. Ask for medical attention.
  • Think of who witnessed the arrest or any alleged activity. Try to obtain their contact information.

Now that you know some of the things that you should do after being arrested, let’s take a look at what you should avoid doing.

Things You Should NOT Do after You’ve Been Arrested in Florida

You need to understand that your actions following an arrest can have major consequences for your future, even affecting the outcome of your case. Here’s what you should refrain from doing after being arrested in Florida:

  • Do not run from police. Regardless of your intentions, it doesn’t look good in court.
  • Don’t talk to anyone about your case except for your attorney. This includes others in your holding cell.
  • Do not consent to any voluntary searches. If police have probable cause, they do not need to ask for permission.
  • Do not be disrespectful to the officers you interact with.
  • Do not do anything that can be construed as resisting arrest, including touching your arresting officer.
  • Don’t believe anything that questioning officers tell you in order to get you to speak. All they want is to make their own jobs easier.
  • If police come to your house, do not let them in unless they have a warrant. Stay inside your home if this happens.

If you follow the above advice, you will have a better chance of winning your case. Remember to be respectful, but don’t give away any information that you are not required to.

What Now?

If you’ve been arrested in Florida, it’s time to contact an expert criminal defense attorney. Call the Hansen Law Firm today at 305-760-4393 to discuss your case.

What Past Clients Say

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I met with several attorneys and I didn’t feel comfortable with any. Marcia walked me through the process and explained everything to me in detail. She was clear and very communicative throughout the ordeal. I recommend Marcia to anyone going through any type of criminal / legal matters.

Jose Martinez 5 March 4, 2019


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